Smith and Wesson

Episode 5 | Speedy Instincts

Love at First Shot Sponsored by Smith & Wesson

Sonya Rood and Mickey Gomez became fast friends when Sonya received a promotion and Mickey filled her place as the Accounts Payable Supervisor. Now just a few months into working at Smith & Wesson, Mickey has grown more curious about the products her employer manufacturers and is ready to try shooting for the first time. With the support of her friend and instruction from champion shooter Julie Golob, Mickey is poised for success.

At the Smith & Wesson Employee Sports Center, Julie picks out a 1911 (which also happens to be Sonya’s favorite handgun) for Mickey's first shots. Once Mickey gets out her initial jitters and grows more comfortable shooting, Julie introduces these coworkers turned friends to the sport of Steel Challenge. These ladies are small but mighty, and you’ll be impressed by their speedy skills!

Sonya and Mickey, coworkers from the Smith & Wesson finance department, bond over Mickey's first shots and learn about the sport of Steel Challenge.

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