Smith and Wesson

Episode 5 | Fill 'Er Up

Love at First Shot Sponsored by Smith & Wesson

Who will face off in the finale? Stage 3 saw one team go on to earn an automatic berth in the final shootout, and Stage 4, a water balloon shooting challenge, will determine who joins them. The competitors have 25 rounds to hit as many water balloons as they can—each burst balloon drains into a container below. Whoever fills the container highest and fastest wins. The firearm used in this challenge is a Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 4” Compact and the ammunition is Federal Premium American Eagle Syntech for 9 mm Luger.

For the start of this stage, the scoring slate is wiped clean, making this a winner-take-all battle. Which team will move on to the finale of the Love at First Shot Pro-Am Challenge? Tune is as the pairings are set for the Stage 5 conclusion. Following the course of fire, the ladies have one more round of spirited conversation.

Appearing in this season's challenge are hosts Natalie Foster and Julie Golob, along with competitors Breann Bates, Kaitlin Clark, Cheyenne Dalton, Annette Evans, Alisha James, Janna Reeves, Emily Valentine and Becky Yackley.

Who will face off in the finale? One team has already earned their spot, and this water-balloon-shooting challenge will determine who joins them.