Smith and Wesson

Episode 4 | Competition

Love at First Shot Sponsored by Smith & Wesson

Episode 4 from Love at First Shot season 4 is all about competition. Julie Golob of Team Smith & Wesson creates a fun challenge for three competitive shooters—Lanny Barnes, Krystal Dunn and Tes Salb. She also introduces us to junior competitor Cassie Beahr.

Additional segments in this episode include another C of Concealed Carry, the latest installment of 27 Words from Lydia Longoria, a roundtable in which the women talk about how they got started competing and its impact on their lives, and a look at what makes the M&P C.O.R.E. ideal for competition in the S&W Spotlight. Plus, host Natalie Foster weighs in on one of her favorite competitors.

This episode introduces junior competitor Cassie Beahr. Plus, Julie Golob creates a fun challenge for three competitive shooters.