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Vicki Millett



Who or what got you into shooting?

Started as a kid hunting with my father


First or favorite gun?

30-30 Marlin


What is your favorite gun accessory? Why?

Scope, my eyesight isn't what it used to be.


Favorite place to shoot or hunt?

Local Fish & Game for shooting and my land for hunting


Favorite shooting/hunting apparel?

I guess I’d say my Cabela vest.


Favorite shooting/hunting partner?

I shoot alone other than trap shooting, and I hunt alone.


Best shooting/hunting memory?

They're all good


I own a gun because:

I more or less grew up with guns. I was a Deputy Sheriff for a while and I carry one for personal protection.


How do you feel about pink guns?

I don't, not my style


Do you go to the range to amp up or chill out?

That depends...sometimes it's relaxing, sometimes it's a boost of spirits.


Best gun tip?

Always know where your muzzle is pointing and keep your finger off the trigger until you identify your target.


Your choice of gun for protection?

Smith & Wesson .38 Special P


Guns or shoes?

Guns most definitely


Who or what inspires you?

At my age it's inspiring just to stand upright...that's another day to look forward too.


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Really can't think of much other than the necessary items to live


What’s your favorite app?

Have none


Book you’re reading?



Favorite TV Show?

Science channels and National Geographic Channel


What’s new on your iPod?

I don’t own one.


Favorite sports team?

I do not like sports other then rodeos or shooting events.


My theme song is:



Favorite vacation spot?



Your greatest accomplishment?

Being the first woman in the state of Maine to be a professional firefighter and the first to make Lieutenant