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Tina Wilson-Cohen


United States

First or favorite gun?
Springfield Armory XDM 

What is your favorite gun accessory? Why?
Tritium sights, which stand out in the dark

Favorite place to shoot or hunt?
My favorite place to shoot and conduct my firearms classes is at the NRA Range or at Sharpshooters Indoor Range in Alexandria, Virginia. The staff at these locations is very supportive of female shooters.

Favorite shooting/hunting apparel?
SHE CAN SHOOT t-shirt and tactical pants

Favorite shooting/hunting partner?
Members of SHE CAN SHOOT

Best shooting/hunting memory?
The best shooting memory that recently comes to mind is when I held a Basic Pistol class consisting of men and women. During the class, the men were very proud of the fact that they had just purchased new firearms. On the other hand, the women were rather hesitant about even holding a handgun. Next, we went to the range where each student had the opportunity to experience shooting. Every female that attended did far better than our male students. The excitement immediately shifted to the targets belonging to the women who now know they can shoot!

I own a gun because:
I strongly believe in our Second Amendment rights as well as arming myself against the dangers that occur against women in our society. Being a retired federal agent allowed me to come into contact with these crimes and educate females on the dangers that exist beyond what is reported in the media. 

How do you feel about pink guns?
Personally, I do not prefer a pink handgun, however, I believe that pink allows the handgun to appear more inviting and less intimidating. In the world of firearms and shooting, women have been intimidated or fearful of firearms.  Having firearms available in purple or pink tends to draw in more women.

Do you go to the range to amp up or chill out?
I go to the range to relax. While shooting, I am blocking out the distractions of the day and finding a Zen moment where the bullet meets the bullseye.

Best gun tip?
Slow trigger squeeze and follow through without slapping the trigger

Your choice of gun for protection?
Springfield Armory .45

Guns or shoes?

Who or what inspires you?
One of my inspirations consist of more and more women becoming confident gun owners and shooters, thereby creating a larger audience and unified voice in the firearms industry.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My rights as an American citizen

What’s your favorite app?

Book you’re reading?
The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan

Favorite TV Show?
The Good Wife

What’s new on your iPod?

My theme song is:
“Blow” by Kei$ha

Favorite vacation spot?

Your greatest accomplishment?
Becoming a Secret Service agent and assigned to the White House