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Teresita Glazier



Who or what got you into shooting?

Being a single mom and living in a place that you don't know anyone except your own gun


First or favorite gun?

380 cal mag. Spanish Beretta auto pistol


Favorite place to shoot or hunt?

Firearms ranges and in the deserts in Arizona


Favorite shooting/hunting partner?

Friends that understand how to handle guns, when to use it and when not to use it


Best shooting/hunting memory?

Getting my permit and my security officer training


I own a gun because:

I own a gun so I am able to protect my daughter and myself. I used to live in a bad neighborhood, and one night two men knocked on my door and asked if they could use my phone. I told them no and to go away, but they would not leave. I called the police, but they said they couldn’t do anything unless it was a life or death situation. I tried to tell the police it was a life or death situation because my daughter and I were being harassed, but they would not come. I hung up the phone and went to my bedroom to get my gun. I came back to the door and told the men if they didn’t leave I was going to shoot them. The men still wouldn’t leave, so I opened the door and pointed the gun at them. Once they saw my gun they ran away.


How do you feel about pink guns?

I don’t think it matters what color your gun is as long as you understand how to use it. Any color gun can save lives.


Do you go to the range to amp up or chill out?

I go to the range to warm up, practice, and enjoy my pieces. Practice makes a perfect shooter!


Best gun tip?

Knowing the law and when to use it and when not to use it! Get a gun that fits your hand.


Guns or shoes?

You know the answer to that! Shoes are not that important when it comes to saving lives!


Who or what inspires you?

The NRA inspires me because it helps people understand what the Second Amendment is all about! We all have the right to bear arms, as long as you know how to use it, when to use it, and when not to use it.


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Knowing how to use my gun, when to use it, and when not use it.


What’s your favorite app?

Google SkyMap


Book you’re reading?

Spy non-fiction books


Favorite TV Show?

Two And A Half Men


What’s new on your iPod?



Favorite sports team?

Minnesota Vikings


My theme song is:

"These Boots Are Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra


Favorite vacation spot?



Your greatest accomplishment?

Being a mother of three, getting second place in the Ms. Arizona Copper bodybuilder competition, getting my associates degrees, being a fitness professional, and last but not least having two beautiful grandchildren