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Shelley Rae Sargent


Redmond, WA

First or favorite gun?
I can only choose one? Impossible! You will see me rocking my snakeskin M&P more than anything else though.

What is your favorite gun accessory? Why?
My favorite accessory for my gun? Cerakote - does that count? I love getting my guns painted to make them my own. My favorite accessory that is gun-related? My Bling Blang jewelry from AW Collections! “Tactissorizing” is an important part of life.

Favorite place to shoot or hunt?
West Coast Armory Indoor Range, then again I worked there for a number of years and may be a bit biased.

Favorite shooting/hunting apparel?
Jeans and a t-shirt, I try not to worry about it too much.

Best shooting/hunting memory?
My first time hunting - I was at the Girls Gun Getaway and we didn't even see a coyote or get a chance to shoot at anything, but it was still way too much fun.

How do you feel about pink guns?
I like pink guns that don't suck. In fact, I like any guns that don't suck.

Guns or shoes?
That's just not fair.

Favorite TV Show?
I love Spartacus, Justified, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Archer, Magic City, Hell on Wheels and Eureka. Don't ask me where I find time to keep up with all that.

What’s new on your iPod?
A little bit of Lust Pollution, Girl Talk's “All Day” album, some Frank Sinatra and Flo Rida's new single I like to be diverse.

Favorite sports team?
New York Giants - okay, so I just have a crush on Eli Manning. He and Victor Cruz took very good care of my fantasy football team last year.

Favorite vacation spot?
Disneyland…every time…especially with my daddy.