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In a society that is driven by much hype and misinformation about guns and the like such, Home Front Freedom will endeavor to provide firearms training and education in the selection, safe handling, practical use and proper storage of firearms inside and outside of the home. We will provide you up to date and factual information and how it relates to everyday life. Home Front Freedom is all about providing the best firearms training possible at all levels. We take the charge to produce students who are competent with their firearm and knowledgeable of the applicable laws regarding firearms and the use of deadly force very seriously. To take a student who has never previously handled a firearm and instruct them from the ground up is one of our favorite challenges. To see the light bulbs of revelation illuminate in their minds while teaching is so fulfilling. Many of them even shoot a perfect score at the range. We are equipping responsible citizens to be more secure, keenly aware and to never be a statistic. Deadly force is something that we pray we will never, ever need. But in the event that this is our only option, we want our students to be winners. The end result: We are making America a safer place. God bless.