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NRA Women is designed for female gun enthusiasts. It's a resource for news, education, events and more. And we're telling more stories of empowered women like you. Come explore, connect, celebrate and unite with the women of NRA.

What's hotter than an awesome gun? ... An awesome gun in the hands of a beautiful girl, not just any girl, but a Guns and Lace Girl that knows how to shoot!

Guns and Lace online magazine, website and Facebook exist for the purpose of encouraging women to learn to shoot, be confident and self-reliant. A confident woman is a beautiful woman! There is therefore, a little bit of a Guns and Lace girl in every woman that shoots.

We support the Second Amendment and are verbal about those that want to infringe upon our right to bear arms. We believe that this is a great nation and place to live, feel our troops are the best in the world and deserve our constant gratitude and expression of thanks. Without their sacrifices, this country would not exist as we know it; they are responsible for our freedoms being intact.