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Gloria Sanner



Who or what got you into shooting?

My fiancé Jon Isaacs is the 10 times distinguish expert in all of the above and he has encouraged my shooting for safety, hunting and recreation. We now shoot together almost daily.

First or favorite gun?

My favorite gun is my Benelli .20 gauge shotgun. I use it daily.

What is your favorite gun accessory? Why?

My new holster for my .410 Judge, which I carry around our property. It's perfect for the prairie dogs as well as the snakes.

Favorite place to shoot or hunt?

I love hunting with "G.E.O.F." (short for "Glo Eats Omniverous Feasts") which is my Manlicker .25-06 with a set trigger.

Favorite shooting/hunting apparel?

My She Safari "all" attire. They make clothes comfortable and excellent for hunting. I even wear some of their t-shirts around the house for comfort.

Favorite shooting/hunting partner?

My fiancé, Jon Isaacs (also known as Johnny Safari) of course. He is an excellent teacher as well as a great man.

Best shooting/hunting memory?

Johnny and I spend a week long vacation in Michigan; we called it the surf and turf vacation. We went fishing on Lake Michigan and then went hunting hogs at Uncle Ted's Safari Acres. It was so much fun! We ate fish that we caught and pork loin that we shot. Perfect vacation.

I own a gun because:

I'm free to own a gun. I enjoy the freedom and the right to use a gun to defend my loved ones and myself. I'm free to hunt and compete as well as collect. I own a gun because I can and I will defend that right.

How do you feel about pink guns?

Funny you should ask. I own two pink guns, a red and black .22 handgun (I named it Black Widow) and a .22 purple rifle. I like having girly colors so my boys know to use their own guns and not mine.

Do you go to the range to amp up or chill out?

I go to the range to chill out and see old friends. Since we live on 40 acres I pretty much just shoot at home in our backyard. I love this freedom.

Best gun tip?

Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Your choice of gun for protection?

I carry a .38 hammerless Ruger. I love how light and yet effective it is.

Guns or shoes?

Definitely guns, shoes go out of style

Who or what inspires you?

My fiancé Jon Isaacs, he always puts me first

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My glasses. I can't believe that I just can't see that well anymore.

What’s your favorite app?

Microsoft Office - I use excel often

Book you’re reading?

Decision Points by George W. Bush

Favorite TV Show?

The Mentalist, anything on the Outdoor Channel, and I enjoy the Cooking Channel as well

What’s new on your iPod?

I lost my first iPod so now I need to set up my new one. I'm going to download (again) all the songs for the CD I got at the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon in St. Louis.

Favorite sports team?

I love football and baseball. Since I'm from Texas I am loyal to the Dallas Cowboys, however, I've been in Denver since 1984 so I am a Denver Broncos fan. I've liked the St. Louis Cardinals since I was in high school; however, I am a Colorado Rockies fan as well.

My theme song is:

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson

Favorite vacation spot?

Kodiak Island in Alaska

Your greatest accomplishment?

Giving birth to two awesome boys, Tyler and Dakota