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Donna Kulesza


Dulles, Virginia

Who or what got you into shooting?

My husband and son own guns. They have been active hunters and Pro 2A.

Do you shoot handguns, shotguns, rifles or all of the above?

I have only shot handguns so far.

Why are you involved with the NRA or how do you support their efforts?

We have supported the local Friends of the NRA with raffle donations and attended their events. I would like to become more involved as a Woman Owned Business that creates custom cases for handguns and rifles.

What's your favorite shooting range or place to hunt?

We have friends with a farm in Culpeper, VA. It's nice to shoot there, as there is no one else around. Very safe. No distractions.

Your ideal shopping trip: the mall or an outdoor outfitter?

I haven't been in a mall in years!

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by the women now taking up firearms. As protection and as a shooting sport.

What's your favorite holiday? Why?

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas...I love having lots of family around.

Your greatest accomplishment?

Owning a business. We are proud to support first responders, LE, and the military by building custom cases to deploy equipment. And we love building cases for all the hunters, shooters, and Pro 2A folks out there.