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Dianna Liedorff


Tulsa, OK

Who or what got you into shooting?

My father introduced me to guns and we spent my 16th birthday in a deer stand. Deer hunting is torture for a kid with A.D.D. (self diagnosed!), so we tried handgun competitions (USPSA) and stuck with that!

Why are you involved with the NRA or how do you support their efforts?

The NRA provides an avenue in which the individual voice can be heard in a collective manner in an arena where most individuals are rarely allowed/visited.

Tell us about the first gun you owned or your favorite gun.

I started on a S&W model 19 revolver and a 1911 Colt Govt Model .45.  Although I rarely shoot these guns anymore, on the occasion that I do, they feel like home sweet home!!

What's your current go-to gun?

I am lucky enough to be sponsored by FNH USA. They are the only company with all 3 platforms for 3 gun.  My rifle is the popular SCAR 16 in .223, my handgun is the new striker fire FNS 9mm, and my shotgun is the SLP Mark 1, 12 gauge semi auto that is super comfortable to shoot.

What's your favorite shooting range or place to hunt?

It's hard to pick one. My home range, US Shooting Academy in Tulsa is an awesome facility. Another favorite is Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. The views, the natural terrain matches offered, and the hospitality make it a "must visit" range!

Do you have a favorite accessory or clothing item you won't go shooting or hunting without? What makes it so important?

I would say my Safariland ELS belt is my favorite must have. In 3 gun, the diversity of the stages make changing equipment necessary about every stage. The ELS system allows me to easily customize and change the gear on my belt, like an AR mag, handgun mag, or shell caddies. And if your friends run the same system, you can easily borrow!!

What's your best or most memorable moment as it relates to firearms?

I fell away from handgun competition from 1993-2008 to focus on my first love of barrel racing. But when US Shooting Academy opened in my back yard and hosted USPSA nationals, I decided to enter on a whim. No practice, just showed up. I got 2nd behind Randi Rogers. I thought that was pretty cool!

I own a gun because:

As an American, I own a gun for duty! As a shooter, I own a gun for fun! As a hunter, I own a gun to eat! As a woman, I own a gun to protect!

What's your easiest gun to handle and shoot? Hardest?

Easiest gun to handle would be my SCAR 16 rifle. Hardest would be the air weight revolver I use as a concealed carry. That thing is a little monster!!

What would be your recommendation for best entry-level gun?

.22s are so much fun and there is less of an intimidation factor, so I would start someone there.

Your ideal shopping trip: the mall or an outdoor outfitter?

Outdoor outfitter!!

What do you think is the best home defense — firing or fleeing?

They are both great options.  If fleeing presents itself as an option, take it! It's important to prepare for the time that fleeing is NOT an option! I'd have my gun either way!!

Who or what inspires you?

Selfless people inspire me. There are a handful of people I have met that give of themselves tirelessly.

What's your favorite holiday? Why?

Thanksgiving - all the food and family, and none of the commercialization!

Your greatest accomplishment?

I think my greatest accomplishment would be my career in Law Enforcement. It's been an honor to be able to help and influence total strangers’ lives. I love chasing bad guys and having the opportunity to influence them as well.