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Deborah Scott


Washington D.C.

Who or what got you into shooting?
My dad got us into shooting while we lived in Alaska, and I went on my first hunt when I lived in Colorado Springs, CO. The local military installation was hosting a hunting trip and I signed up for it. I contacted my father and asked if I could borrow the 30-06 to go hunting. I have been hunting ever since, and love hunting with the 30-06 as it is my favorite rifle.

First or favorite gun?
The first gun I ever purchased was a S&W 357 magnum. Prior to getting in the military I worked in a prison in New Orleans.

What is your favorite gun accessory?  Why?
Scopes. I don't have one on all my guns but I like them because of the resolution and clarity. You can zero in on your target or game even if you are 300 or more yards away.

Favorite place to shoot or hunt?
I don't have a favorite place, but have been hunting in Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia, and South Africa. I have to admit, South Africa is quite special, and I do like hunting the different species that are available there.

Favorite shooting/hunting apparel?
Camouflage - any style as I have at one time probably worn it all

Favorite shooting/hunting partner?
I usually go by myself with an outfitter

Best shooting/hunting memory?
My first trip for elk and Mule Deer in Colorado. I didn't get any Elk but it was a great hunt.

I own a gun because:
I started with the Sheriff's office and was required to have a gun. When I went on my first hunt, I borrowed my father's 30-06. After that I was hooked.

How do you feel about pink guns?
I don't have one and don't think I would want one. I don't particularly like pink.

Do you go to the range to amp up or chill out?
More to amp up and get prepared for the hunt. I also do some target shooting but get bored.

Best gun tip?
Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction and on safe unless it is being used. Being in the military, this is "drilled" into your head.

Your choice of gun for protection?
My .45 followed by my .357 with the scatter shot bullet

Guns or shoes?

Who or what inspires you?
I like to see women who are into shooting and hunting. Since I started hunting back in 2004, there has been more visibility of women being involved in the sport.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
I guess it would be my guns

What’s your favorite app?
Deer Hunter

Book you’re reading?
I am currently enrolled in Culinary Arts school so don't have much time to read anything other than the required reading. When between sessions, I like to read Nora Roberts.

Favorite TV Show?
Hunting shows, cooking shows, crime shows, police shows

What’s new on your iPod?
Deer Hunter app

Favorite sports team?
I like the Denver Broncos.

Favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere I can go hunting

Your greatest accomplishment?
Being in the military for 25+ years. Never thought I would stay this long.