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Deb Ferns


Tucson, AZ

Who or what got you into shooting?
My husband Gary wanted us to start shooting together as our daughters were leaving for college back in 2000. Then in 2003 a wonderful woman, Lisa Munson, befriended me at a big match. She is a several time national handgun champion and she encouraged me to start Babes with Bullets with herself and Kay Miculek (also a world and national handgun champion.)

First or favorite gun?
Favorite is Smith & Wesson, M&P .9mm Pro Series (5".) There is a customized Babes with Bullets series that I'm partial to for competition. I also have a beautiful 10/.22 built by Tactical Solutions that I use for Sportsman's Team Challenge.

What is your favorite gun accessory? Why?
Uplula handgun reloading tool; we carry the pink ones at our site and it SAVES my fingers and my manicures!! The Uplula is God's gift to women who want to shoot handgun to make it SO easy to reload the magazines!

Favorite place to shoot or hunt?
My home range, Tucson Rifle Club, is my favorite place to shoot a variety of matches. To hunt I have to say Bear Mountain Ranch out near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Favorite shooting/hunting apparel?
For hunting I have some great Prois apparel that really works well! For shooting sports I wear a wide variety of stuff I purchased at Cabela's; like cargo pants, etc…

Favorite shooting/hunting partner?
My husband Gary...he's my best friend

Best shooting/hunting memory?
Too many to count but off the cuff I was just learning to shoot a handgun and participating in an action shooting match. I didn't have enough magazines (I only had two and I needed three) to finish the course of fire so I stood there and waited while the guys on my squad reloaded a magazine for me. They wanted me to finish the course of fire as badly as I did. Since that time I always go up to the starting box with at least one or two extra magazines, I figure a girl can NEVER have too much ammo!

I own a gun because:
I have the right to do so. And because I know in my bones that I can't count on anyone else always being on hand to take care of me. I needed to learn how to take care of myself.

How do you feel about pink guns?
I love pink guns! Nothing wrong with other colors but I do a ton of media work at the gun range with our Babes with Bullets camps. The pink guns are just a way to establish that guns come in all sizes, all types and yes, even in colors other than black.

Do you go to the range to amp up or chill out?
Amp up...

Best gun tip?
Women let other people pick out a gun for them. They need to go to a VARIETY of stores or events where they can "try before they buy." A woman needs to pick out her OWN gun, that fits HER hand... treat it like a new pair of expensive shoes - you want them to fit right and be a worthwhile purchase so you can get a lot of wear out of the item.

Your choice of gun for protection?
The S&W Shield is my new favorite. I also have a .40 cal subcompact Glock Model 27

Guns or shoes?
ABSOLUTELY guns! Shoes come and go (even the good ones) but guns stay around...

Who or what inspires you?
Proverbs 16:3 "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Having the Lord in my life and a way to understand what a blessing it has been to be born a woman in the United States

What’s your favorite app?
Goggle Maps so I can find various gun ranges

Book you’re reading?
A variety of yoga books (I'm a devoted yoga in several disciplines) and romance "I spy" type books

Favorite TV Show?
Flying Wild Alaska and Top Shot

What’s new on your iPod?
Don't have one...

Favorite sports team?
Don't have one...

My theme song is:
"Wild Thing" and "Time In A Bottle"

Favorite vacation spot?

Your greatest accomplishment?
Raising two accomplished independent daughters, staying married for over 36 years, and introducing over 2,500 women to firearms through our Babes with Bullets camps since 2004