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Christian Swan


Peachtree City, GA

Who or what got you into shooting?

I was writing a book on sniping and wanted to go to sniping school to get a better understanding. Once I did, I was invited to a competition and from that day on, was addicted!

Why are you involved with the NRA or how do you support their efforts?

I believe in our Second Amendment and all the NRA does. I also like that all of the instructor courses and competitions are the same across the board.

Tell us about the first gun you owned or your favorite gun.

The first gun I bought was a Glock 34 Gen4, for competition. I just changed out the trigger and sights. I love that it is so simple that I can work on it myself. And, very little can go wrong with it.

What's your current go-to gun?

The Glock 17

What's your favorite shooting range or place to hunt?

River Bend Gun Club and South River Gun Club

Do you have a favorite accessory or clothing item you won't go shooting or hunting without? What makes it so important?

My Oakley sunglasses!

What's your most unusual gun-related item?

My support sock full of cat litter that a friend of mine from Israel taught me to use - it is awesome!

What's your best or most memorable moment as it relates to firearms?

My first competition - it was 35 degrees and raining. I was so excited I didn't even realize it was so miserable outside.

I own a gun because:

I was raped at a very young age. I was determined then and am still, 32 years later, that I will do everything to make myself stronger and to empower other women to learn awareness, mindset and self-defense.

Tell us the best (or worst) gun advice you've ever been given.

I was too small to ever handle a .45 or a .308. I remember being so scared to even shoot one after that. Once I did, I thought, wow. I really hope other women never hear that. It is the farthest thing from the truth.

What's your easiest gun to handle and shoot? Hardest?

The easiest of course is a .22. It's like shooting a toy. The WinMag 300 I love, but it does make the body take a beating after awhile.

What would be your recommendation for best entry-level gun?

Go to the range, shoot several and when you find one that feels great and you are shooting great, then that is the gun for you.

Your ideal shopping trip: the mall or an outdoor outfitter?

An outdoor outfitter of course

What do you think is the best home defense — firing or fleeing?

Always get away if that is a possibility, but have the mindset to fire now. Then is not the time to think about it.

Who or what inspires you?

My children. I want to make the world a better place. I have four girls and one boy. I want my girls to be strong, and to know that they can protect themselves and that they have the right to, most of all.

What's your favorite holiday? Why?

My favorite holiday is my birthday because I don't feel so guilty when I go to the gun store to buy myself something new.

Your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is my second long range competition. I placed High Woman.