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Britney Starr


Kalamazoo, MI

Favorite gun?
I received a Browning 7mag for Christmas when I turned 12 and have used that for caribou, whitetail deer and all of my African plains game animals. It has a beautiful wood stock that is all scratched up from wear and tear, but it’s my baby. I might end up retiring it this year and getting another 7mag with a composite stock.

Favorite place to hunt?
AFRICA! I started going on safari when I was 16 and fell in love with it. The scenery is absolutely amazing and there are so many different species of animals to hunt.

Favorite hunting apparel?
I’m on the event staff for Prois Hunting and Field Apparel and I am a firm believer in their product. They have the most functional hunting clothing for women, hands down. It’s rugged AND flattering! I never leave home without my Prois.

Favorite hunting partner?
My dad. It’s nice to have my own personal guide around, but I still do all the dirty work myself. I’m grateful that he taught me about hunting when I was young. He’s forgotten more about hunting than I will probably ever know. 

Favorite hunting memory?
I think this year’s gobbler topped my list. This past spring my dad was in Africa during the first two weeks of my turkey season. I hunted for 15 days straight by myself (and only saw one turkey). When he came home, we hunted five minutes together and I killed a nice gobbler. It’s tremendously rewarding to hunt so hard for that many days and then FINALLY kill a bird. As my dad always says, “I love it when a plan comes together.”  

I also cherish all of my time spent over in Africa. It’s really hard for me to put into words the way I feel about Africa. It’s magical. 

Who inspires you?
Barbara Baird, editor and creator of The Women’s Outdoor News, is a huge inspiration. She is an amazing journalist and has such a drive when it comes to networking with women in the outdoors/shooting sports. I feel lucky to call her a colleague and friend. Also, Julie Golob is another amazing female that I look up to. She is such a talented shooter and has inspired me to become more involved in handgun shooting. 

Tops on your bucket list?
My bucket list for shooting would consist of shooting a clean round of skeet or trap and also beating my dad at sporting clays someday. I’m sure eventually it will happen when he gets really old, but until then he’s always going to beat me. He’s too good. My hunting bucket list right now is elk and bear. And there’s always cape buffalo …

My theme song is …?
Gun Love by ZZ Top.