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Beverly K. Puckett


Bella Vista, AR

Who or what got you into shooting?


First or favorite gun?

First gun - .410

What is your favorite gun accessory? Why?

I haven't been shooting long enough to have a favorite accessory.

Favorite place to shoot or hunt?

Benton County Quail Unlimited

Best shooting/hunting memory?

My first time to shoot trap - I was more accurate than I expected to be!

I own a gun because:

I believe in my right to defend myself and I enjoy shooting to increase my skills.

How do you feel about pink guns?

One day I hope to own a pink gun. I saw some interesting ones at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in St. Louis this year!

Your choice of gun for protection?


Guns or shoes?

Hmmmm, some of both

Favorite vacation spot?

Salzburg, Austria

Your greatest accomplishment?

Assisting several executives leaving IBM start their own businesses in 1988, I am still in touch with, and friends with, some of them!