Episode 12 | After the First Shot: Education Has No Limits

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Daria Bruno, who hosts a gun-related radio program in Rhode Island, appeared earlier this season on "It's A Trap," when she took new friend Nancy to the range under the guidance of Team Smith & Wesson captain Julie Golob. But Daria is more than a facilitator—she’s also a seasoned trainer in her own right. Watch how her journey from on-air personality to NRA-certified instructor came about in After the First Shot: "Education Has No Limits."

Her side job as a firearm instructor was originally just intended to provide some extra income for Daria, but it grew in importance to almost eclipse her work as a radio host. She sees more and more inexperienced people—especially women—showing up with a desire to learn how to shoot, and she has had the pleasure of guiding many of them to advanced skill levels. The opportunity to empower others through training—even helping long-time shooters to improve their techniques—has become something that Daria lives for.

Daria's side job as a firearms instructor soon became a passion. See her quest to empower students in After the First Shot: "Education Has No Limits."