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Freedom's Future • The Hilary Goldschlager Story

Armed & Fabulous

For Hilary Goldschlager, passion can be found wherever your heart takes you. Refusing to live her life by anyone else's rules, her adventurous spirit has led her to become a paramedic, youth swim coach, firearm instructor and award-winning multi-continental huntress—proving that there's no limit to what women can achieve. A natural-born role model and fearless leader, Hilary is using her endless enthusiasm and infectious positivity to take a stand for our threatened right to bear arms.

Hilary has become her father's favorite hunting companion and the two have forged an unbreakable bond as they pursued their love for the hunt across the globe—earning Hilary multiple Safari Club International awards and world records along the way. Today, she is continuing his legacy as an advocate for hunters and gun owners everywhere, carving out her own place in the fight to preserve the Second Amendment as the youngest member ever to serve on the NRA Women's Leadership Forum Executive Committee.

Making it her mission to share her love of the shooting sports with others, Hilary also puts her firearms instructor skills to good use by providing gun safety and training with those who might not otherwise get the chance in a state like California. So, whether she's coaching at the pool, teaching on the range, or breaking records on the African Sahara, Hilary is freedom's future.

Hilary Goldschlager represents a new generation of gun rights advocates as the NRA Women's Leadership Forum Executive Committee's youngest member.