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A Champion for the Future • The Gaye Kelsey Story

Armed & Fabulous

At the age of 17, Gaye Kelsey's father entered her into a pigeon shooting competition without telling her. She was rattled, but still only missed a single pigeon on the first day. On the second day, she hit every one—and had discovered a new passion. She has since been named the International Ladies Champion in pigeon shooting and is a lifelong competitor, esteemed by her peers for her flawless elegance and rhythm.

But shooting isn't just a sport for Gaye and her husband John, it's a way of life—from the genteel fashions associated with the English hunting tradition that Gaye enjoys, to the art on her walls and her hunting dogs. The couple’s first date had John inviting Gaye on an African safari, and ever since their relationship has been grounded in the sporting lifestyle.

Gaye is also a fixture at the Athena Gun Club in Houston, where she acts as a friendly guide for women just getting acquainted with shooting. She supports the NRA Women's Leadership Forum, having served as the 2013 Luncheon & Auction Co-Chair with Melanie Pepper.

Gaye Kelsey, champion pigeon shooter and lifelong hunter, keeps shooting at the center of her political life—and her marriage.